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Weddings carry such great moments that we all hold throughout our lives. Music can set the perfect ambiance to carry your day into a dream wedding.

Whether you are looking for modern wedding songs, walking down the aisle songs, or even the top ten wedding songs we are here to help make your music magical and simple!

Our Wedding Music Made Simple e-book will guide you through the process of choosing music and hiring professional musicians.  Our blog will provide you with insights into weddings we are performing and what music they choose.

Happy reading and more importantly, Happy Planning!

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Wedding Playlists As Unique As You

There are so many fabulous wedding sites and blogs out there, I just LOVE looking at them! Some weddings are done so exceptional that you feel that you are right there and part of it. Why? Because the personality of the couple shines through.

When browsing the wedding blogs though I find one thing missing. MUSIC! Details regarding wedding music and wedding playlists are missing! I doubt that any of these weddings are musicless, but why isn’t it covered?

The missing wedding playlists are exactly why we started our blog recently. Both my husband and I are professional musicians and have created magical moments with music for years. We have experienced firsthand how guiding brides through finding music that fits their style can make their day pop!

We want to create a place where you can share your wedding playlists and we can share our insight as professional musicians. We even created a Wedding Music Made Simple e-guide to help you choose your perfect wedding playlist in less than a week, maybe even 1 day!

So let’s start talking music! : )

A Great Outdoor, Classical Music Wedding

What a fun wedding, you can tell by the smiles on our faces in the picture!  It is great to be in a string quartet at weddings as you get to experience so many different wedding styles throughout the year from a different perspective…

The bride and groom were married on an acreage infront of a pool with a fountain.  The pool looked so inviting that the flower girl was throwing petals one by one into the water during the ceremony.  If you look closely at the picture you’ll see rope lights around the trees which created a magical evening for the dinner and dance.  It was really hot and humid and our music kept blowing, but the location made the weather fade into the background.

For this wedding classical music was on the wedding music list.  We played Continue reading