A Great Outdoor, Classical Music Wedding

What a fun wedding, you can tell by the smiles on our faces in the picture!  It is great to be in a string quartet at weddings as you get to experience so many different wedding styles throughout the year from a different perspective…

The bride and groom were married on an acreage infront of a pool with a fountain.  The pool looked so inviting that the flower girl was throwing petals one by one into the water during the ceremony.  If you look closely at the picture you’ll see rope lights around the trees which created a magical evening for the dinner and dance.  It was really hot and humid and our music kept blowing, but the location made the weather fade into the background.

For this wedding classical music was on the wedding music list.  We played Jesu by Bach for the wedding party and Pachelbel’s Cannon for the bride entrance song.  We didn’t get through too many bars of the Cannon as it was a small, intimate wedding.

If you choose Cannon for your bride entrance song, it is a good idea to let the  musicians know if you want just the beautiful begining of the piece or the fast, twirly part as I call it, which happens much later in the piece.

The bride was kind enough to invite us to stay for the reception, however unfortunately we had other plans that evening.

Looking forward to our next wedding a week from today~


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