When I was six years old I saw Itzhak Perlman performing on TV with an orchestra and promptly said, “This is what I want to do,”  and I have been playing violin ever since.

Performing brings out the best in my playing, so naturally I perform as often as possible.  I have played at weddings, funerals, corporate events, open houses, you name it.  My professional life has led me to play, solo and sub with various orchestras and chamber groups.

Over the years of working with brides I have experienced how grateful they were when I provided them a  wedding music list that was tailored to their wedding style.  I want to share this with you and thus, have created this blog and a Wedding Music Wedding Guide to help you to choose your music & hire musicians to make your music simple and perfect.

In the past I have sold The Wedding Music Guide currently sells for $27 , but if you are reading this right now, you are in luck because I am giving it away for free right now on the home page of this website.  Why would I do this?

Well, to be honest- I’m busy right now running my health coaching business and blog Nourishing Souls, and I don’t have time to properly support new Wedding Music Guide customers…  So for now- Enjoy the free guide!


Just remember….planning your wedding should be fun, not stressful.  Have fun & Congratulations~

Kind Regards,

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